Carson & Shelby’s Story

We are Carson & Shelby Doll and we sold our house a month ago with Michelle Gaudreau.

We’ve been watching homes in our neighborhood sell lightning fast and the only thing in common with them was the name Michelle Gaudreau from Greenridge and we just knew that when we were ready to sell our home that’s who we needed to call. I think the fact that she just kind of came in and it felt like you were working with a family member. The advice that she gave, she was so quick to respond to any questions we had and her professionalism through all of that was just exactly what we needed to get us rolling and selling our home.

Michelle constantly went above and beyond. She surpassed our expectations. There were a few times where even at 10 o’clock at night we’d get a quick text, “hey, here’s an update of what’s going on”. With us, our lives are just so busy so sometimes the only time we can really sit down and think about something is about that time. She understood that about us and we appreciated that about her.

I think the professional pictures made a huge difference. I think the way she moved quickly on updating all the different sites, getting our home out there.  She is just wonderful. She’s so sweet and friendly and just fun to work with.

If we could have planned the perfect experience that’s exactly what we got!

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