She is amazing and knows what she is doing!

“My husband and I were discussing selling our home to find a bigger one but were on the fence about the whole process. When we purchased our current home we did not have a great experience with our previous realtor and our closing process almost took a year! We were not sure we were ready for this process again with having a newborn. We wanted to see what our current house would sell for and what our options were for new construction in the area. We met with Michelle and she priced our house out for a number we liked, so we decided to list our home. We sold our home in two days! We had showings coming in like crazy as soon as she listed it. She used a professional photographer and the pictures taken of our home looked amazing!!! The photos made the house look so big.

Once we found out our house sold, we had the next big task of finding a new home. We really wanted a new construction and all that was available at the time were new homes built by big companies, not private builders. The quality of the new homes we were seeing were not great and not something we wanted to invest in. We looked at some older homes and we really did not want to buy a home that was not new. Michelle was able to find us a new home being built by a private builder that was not even listed yet. We were able to still pick out all the flooring and fixtures and we knew the quality of the home is what we wanted.

She also was excellent at communication and was at every meeting we had with the builder and us. She kept detailed notes on what was agreed upon by the builder in regards to what they were going to do for the home and changes we made.

The best part of this whole process was how well Michelle kept us informed of what was happening. She always kept us updated on everything and answered our questions in a timely fashion. I would recommend her services to every and anyone! She truly works to sell your house and works to find a new home for you. She is amazing and knows what she is doing!”

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